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          銘鉅新材料科技(上海)有限公司 企業官網http://www.c6856.com/ 已經上線,歡迎新老客戶訪問


          銘鉅新材料科技(上海)有限公司(原名:穎譽電子科技(上海)有限公司)于2005年10月投資設立,現座落于上海新興的北虹橋電商產業園區。秉承“誠信為銘,盛業為鉅” 的經營原則和理念,堅持以客戶需求為導向,一如既往為客戶帶來更為全面、更優質的產品服務。 
          公司致力于成為一家集研究、生產和商貿為一體的科技性、多元化發展的現代型企業,主營產品涉及電子、包裝印刷、廣告、日化、標牌、紡織、陶瓷、金屬玻璃制品等行業,包括: 化工原料、醫藥中間體、染料中間體及有機合成中間體等精細化學品,UV絕緣油墨、導光板油墨、UV磨砂油墨、水性可剝離保護藍膠等絲網印刷材料和功能性產品,專業銷售英國歐羅旗下LUMINA\MAXIMA\TETRA\ULTIMA系列進口絲印刮膠,是歐羅刮膠中國區總經銷。 

          Mingjo New Material Technology (Shanghai )Co., Ltd. was previously named: Yingyu Electronic Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Established in October 2005, we are located in North Hongqiao High Technology District. Our goal is to offer high quality products and the best service for our customers.  The motto of our company is: “Honesty and Integrity Inscribed!” 
          Our company is focused on the research, production and trading of a variety of products. These products range from series UV inks,  such as UV screen printing ink, UV offset ink, gravure ink and water-based strippable protective glue raw chemical materials, pharmaceutical intermediates, dyes and other fine chemicals. Applications for use include printing , packaging, electronic parts, cosmetics, metals and glass and other industries. 
          As the general agent in China for a world-wide British company ORA Squeegees, we widely distribute Lumina, Maxima, Tetra & Ultima squeegees. 
          We look forward to business with you soon.